About us


Organizations partner with Brightstone to simplify and secure the supply chain for a vast range of industrial products. By executing daily needs and optimizing supply chain performance, we help our business partners create more value, more efficiently.  With a core belief in people, we empower our teams to do great things for yours.

Brightstone also provide our customers with high-quality lifesaving emergency kits and supplies. We offer these professionally designed kits for individuals and families, schools, businesses, government organizations, first responders, and the US Military. Our grab-and-go kits include emergency supplies that help survival in all types of disasters. We also specialize in building custom emergency kits that meet the exact specifications of our larger customers.


Brightstone’s mission is to provide high-quality industrial supplies, safety and innovative solutions that enhance productivity. We are dedicated to exceptional value, customer service and sustainable practices, striving to be the trusted partner that keeps industries running smoothly.